The costs of running a startup, from New York to Manila

In leading cities across the globe, the average cost of running a startup is between $200,000 to $300,000 a year.

Zurich, Switzerland, is one of the most expensive cities in which to run a startup, totaling close to $315,000 (in US dollars) a year for basic salaries and office space. Sydney, Australia comes in a close second at $310,000.

Those are the average costs across eight cities, calculated and compiled by Rob Rawson, co-founder of, a recruiting platform. In an infographic, published below, Rawson looks at web developer yearly salaries, plus web designer salaries, plus office costs.

Office costs are steepest in London, at $64,000 a year, and a very good bargain in Manila. Developers in Zurich command the highest salaries, at about $100,000 a year. Developers in Mumbai and Manila have the lowest incomes, paid $14,000 and $12,000 a year, respectively.

While costs vary greatly -- driven by cost of living -- there is a commonality in these startups across the globe. The common language is the Web and internet, with the burgeoning digital economy as a global platform for all new ideas.

What Does It Cost to Run a Startup? Infographic – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

(Thumbnail photo: Joe McKendrick.)

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