The evolution of Green IT: A Forrester video series, Part 1

Need help making a business case for Green IT? Check out this video with Doug Washburn.

At Forrester, we’re always exploring new ways to connect with our clients and fit into their busy schedules. And as an analyst on Forrester’s IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) research team, I’m well aware of how time-pressed our clients can be. The I&O professional is oftentimes characterized as the “fire fighter” of the IT organization, dropping everything at any hour of the day to ensure their business’s critical IT infrastructure – from servers to PCs to mobile devices – is running without a hitch… and on-time and on-budget.

With that said, I’m particularly interested in “testing” out video to supplement my published research and my blogs on the website. To that end, below is part one of a two part video series on “The Evolution Of Green IT” – a topic I am increasingly receiving client inquiries on as organizations try to determine their green IT maturity and future trajectory.

What can you expect? In only 3:30 minutes, part one of the series walks through the business case justification for green IT. In short, while corporations and governments are not in the “business” of being green, environmentally sustainable strategies can be an effective way to achieve financial and political ends. I then give some examples of how green IT is helping leading organizations – like Sprint, AT&T and Tesco – save $20m, $12m, and achieve a 17% reduction in fuel consumption, respectively. 

What’s next? Check out part two of this series, which Heather Clancy blogged about on GreenTech Pastures, which walks through the complexities and opportunities of green IT as its scope and approach expands.