The evolution of the airline logo

Delta accounts for 17 logo changes, whereas American Airlines has only recently scrapped its 83 year-old logo.

Logos often evolve as a sign of the times, and airline designs are no exception.

A new infographic released by flight search website shows that whether a company is a small carrier or international name, the airline logo is often changed to represent the rapid pace of the industry.

Airlines alter their logos to promote new services, fresh business directions, mergers or expansion from local to global services.

Over the past 90 years, airlines including Flybe, British Airways and Virgin have all made radical changes to their logos. American Airlines has recently scrapped the iconic 83 year-old eagle, United Airlines is prolific in switching designs -- no fewer than 13 times since 1930 -- and Delta's logo has endured 17 alterations.

However, British Airways has remained loyal to old designs, keeping the same design from 1997 to today.

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