The Force is strong with these game PCs

Specialty PC maker Alienware crafts "Star Wars" desktops in "light side" and "dark side" versions. Photos: Unlearn what you have learned

Luke, I am your Athlon 64 desktop.

OK, maybe it's not quite as terrifying as a disruption in the Force, but specialty PC maker Alienware is hoping to capture a bit of Darth Vader's mystique with a new line of "Star Wars" PCs.

Star Wars PCs

The Aurora Star Wars Edition desktops come in two models. The "dark side" version sports a shiny black case reminiscent of the Dark Lord's headgear and emblazoned with an image of the Death Star. The "light side" version is decorated with images of Luke Skywalker and the other main good guys.

Both models are high-powered desktops outfitted with the latest Athlon processors from Advanced Micro Devices and dual video cards powered by Nvidia's SLI technology. Both also come preloaded with a pile of "Star Wars" content, including wallpaper, game demos and music.

George Lucas is set to premiere the sixth and final "Star Wars" film on May 19, and dozens of companies are looking to share in the hoopla, with offerings ranging from "Star Wars" ring tones to a Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head kit.

Alienware is the leading player in a small but growing segment of the PC industry targeting game players, who typically are willing to spend far more than the average consumer to have the latest technology.