The Great SIS Survey!

Your SIS is critical to the functioning of your school and district. It should also be an integral part of teaching and learning. Is it?

I heard a statistic the other other day that 98% of US schools have an electronic SIS of some sort in place. Does that include Excel spreadsheets of student names and contact numbers? Like I said, it was just a stat that someone threw out in a related discussion, so details are sketchy at best. That being the case, the big picture is that most of us are probably using a fairly sophisticated system to manage students, grades, and a variety of information about what we do as educators.

I'm going to be helping facilitate a community on student information systems with a particular focus on using the data they contain to improve student achievement. The community isn't live yet (I'll write more when it is), but the whole effort got me thinking: What SISs are being used most commonly? Do we like what we're using? Does it meet our needs? Do we wish we used something different, or would you have to pry access to the system from our cold dead hands?

You get the idea. Share your thoughts on your school's current SIS of choice in the Google form below and then check out the uncollated data after the jump (if it was automatically collated, how would I get you back to read about the summary data?).

By the way, although I'm sure this is obvious to most of you, let's limit this to true student information systems, not learning management systems with some SIS features built in. No Moodle responses allowed, no matter how great Moodle is.

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So what did everybody say? You'll need to scroll around a bit in the iframe below. Collated data to come soon!