The happiest Vista customers: Mac users?

Are Mac users happier with Windows Vista than Windows users running Vista on other systems? That's the contention of one Microsoft blogger.

Microsoft blogger Joshua Allen has a post over on the Microsoft VisitMix blog that already has raised some Mac users' hackles.

The happiest Vista customers: Mac users?
In a post entitled, "Our Newest Vista OEM: Apple," Allen cites a few stats that are interesting (though, so far at least, not independently verifiable -- from what I can tell from the post). Allen said:

  • Vista runs great on Macs
  • Ten percent of all new Vista licenses are sold to Macintosh owners
  • Mac owners are more satisfied with Vista than average

Why are Mac users allegedly happier with Vista? Allen suggested a few theories that he mentioned in the comments on the original post. (His comments are not currently working; not sure if he closed them intentionally or this is just a temporary error.)

Allen said the fact that Mac users proactively choose Vista and don't have it foisted on them by a hardware vendor -- coupled with the fact that Macbooks are robust platforms that are well-suited to running Vista in emulation, using Bootcamp, etc. -- makes for more contented users.

Any feedback from users currently running Vista on their Macs?


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