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The Internet of Things For Business

Most of the coverage of Internet of Things is about consumer devices. This presentation explores the many real-world uses of the same technologies in enterprise environments

I had the honor of presenting on the topic of Making The Internet of Things for Business Real at a recent conference:

More than 50 billion things will be connected by year 2020. The Internet of Things will revolutionize enterprises across all industries. Is your business ready to benefit from this ground-breaking revolution? Learn how you can develop a two phase strategy for adopting IoT - a short term strategy to transform existing business processes and a longer term plan to innovate your products, services and revenue models.

The forty-minute presentation covers many of examples of consumer and business use of IoT, and gives an overview of how organizations can use transform their business using technologies including as in-memory computing, Hadoop, Spark, embedded databases and more.

In particular, there are several real-world case studies of organizations making the leap to new business models thanks to sensor-based innovation.