The iSquirrel podcast

On this week's Technolatte podcast, the Australian team looks at Chinese hackers for hire, whether consumer companies are grandstanding over their legal stoushes with the NSA, and today's iPhone launch.

Can you trust the claims of security companies quoting from their own surveys? Is Verizon right that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are simply grandstanding over transparency while complying with the NSA's requests? And just how much pastel is too much when it comes to phone colouring?

On this week's Technolatte podcast, the Australian team discusses:

  • Chinese "spec ops" hackers being freely available for hire

  • Whether Verizon is correct that the issues raised by the Snowden leaks are questions for society and IT execs should stay quiet

  • The latest from the Sydney launch of the iPhone, and the percentage of people who were looking for the cheaper 5C compared to the premium 5S.

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Running time: 30 minutes, 28 seconds

Opening theme: "Ecstasy X" by Jason Shaw, CC3.0

Closing theme: "Skyroads" by Pierlo, CC3.0

News theme: "News at 11" by Glass Boy, CC3.0