The LA earthquake

The quake in Los Angeles wasn't that big a deal, proof of which comes from the fact that, within an hour, I fired up my webcam and posted my thoughts, in video form, to CNN. Don't you just love the Internet?

Everyone has probably heard about the quake that happened in Los Angeles yesterday.  It wasn't that big a deal, though as I explained to a reporter from CNN, it was the biggest quake I'd experienced in the three years I've lived in Los Angeles. 

 It couldn't have been too serious, as I did a very geeky thing an hour after the quake occurred:  I fired up my webcam, recorded my experiences, and posted it to CNN's iReport site.  There really is no hope for me.

No, not a terribly technology-oriented blog post, possibly because I've spent the past few days poring over ethereal traces to figure out problems with connections to a server in Africa.  I shall re-emerge from my cave tomorrow morning.