The literal meaning of every U.S. state

Do you live in "Navel of the Moon" or the "Land of those who speak normally"?

In a modern world where exploration and the establishment of cities is no longer the issue -- but smartgrids, utilities and energy is -- it's easy to forget our origins.

However, cartographers Stephan Hormes and Silke Peust would like to remind us.

In a map designed by the researchers, we can see the literal meanings of official state, city, and landmark names. Many of the original names of U.S. cities are rather bland; perhaps quickly established as the settlements expanded. Geographically inclined, Mississippi's "Land of the Great River" is a little better than Washington's "Marsh Farm Land," but they have nothing on New Mexico's "New Navel of the Moon."

Sadly for Chicago residents though, "stink onions" doesn't have much appeal.

Check out the full map here.

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Image credit: Stephan Hormes | Silke Peust


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