The Luncher

"All property is theft!" announced the leftist chap in the corner of the pub.

"In that case, who owns Slot One?", thought The Luncher. After all, word from the Big Blue corner suggests Cyrix will release a processor occupying that Intel-marked space.

Intel's move to set up a standard for PC-connected toys reminded The Luncher of Compaq's alliance with Fisher-Price to produce PC-type toys. What happened there? Watch this space Xmas time in the UK, quoth The Luncher.

Microsoft may be promising it will have no legal problems with Windows 98 but The Luncher isn't so convinced.

Microsoft's's fastest-rising star Andy Lees bet The Luncher hard cash Windows 95 would never be delayed. Six months after the promised date, 95 finally became a shipping silver disc but the bearded fellow still hasn't felt the colour of the Lees moolah.

What's the deal with Mr Sugar back at Viglen after not seeming very interested in computers for some years? Sources close to the great man suggest that he could be losing some interest in football as his beloved Spurs continue to struggle. Look out for a very public announcement soon.

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