The Microsoft paperclip: It's silicon wot killed it

silicon.com prides itself as a campaigning publication.
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

silicon.com prides itself as a campaigning publication.

Whether we're calling for greater IT representation at board level, removing draconian caching laws threatening to make criminals out of all web users or demanding increased accountability from online retailers, we've been fighting the cause for nearly three years now. But there has rarely been a prouder moment than this - Microsoft has given the Office paperclip its P45. Now, to be honest, we can't take complete credit for this momentous decision. And, OK, we didn't launch an official campaign as such. We did, however, pose the question no one else dared ask: 'Microsoft paperclip: love it or hate?' That was back in February. We knew what the answer would be, of course. And you, dear readers, didn't waste much time telling us. Nick Allen led calls for the paperclip's equity card to be removed, while Bob Robinson argued that it reflected Microsoft's view of its customers: "It assumes you don't know how to write a letter and are not smart enough to press F1 for help." Another reader (cowering behind the cloak of anonymity) observed: "it makes Anne Robinson look positively encouraging." Of all the victims of the industry's recent job cull, it's fair to say the paperclip will be the least lamented. So victory for common sense, and victory to silicon.com. Well... sort of.
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