The OQO ultra-portable PC sees a huge price drop

If you are looking for a small fully functional Windows XP computer with a QWERTY keyboard then you may want to check out the OQO model 01+ that has now dropped down to below US$1,200. A new model may be coming soon with more wireless functionality.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
OQO model 01+
Before the UMPC devices hit the shelves, there was the OQO ultra portable PC. The OQO is a pretty impressive device with a 1GHz processor, 30GB hard drive, 512 MB RAM, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth radios, and a very functional QWERTY keyboard that is revealed when the display shifts upwards. I tested one out for a week or so and was considering buying one, but the device was priced over US$2,000 and I found that too high for my budget. The good news is that OQO has dropped the price significantly on their model 01+ that now starts at US$1,199 with the Tablet PC OS model at US$1,399. According to The Utility Belt the reason the price is dropping is that a model with cellular capabilities is coming with an announcement most likely being made at CES in January. I am also hoping that the processor and RAM get a boost as I found the OQO to be a bit slower in performance than the Samsung Q1 UMPC I now use.
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