The origami expert who designs Nike shoes

How one man innovates by mixing origami, weaving, and shoemaking.

If you want to create innovative shoe designs it might be a good idea to add origami and weaving to your skillset.

At least that was Mike Friton's path to developing innovative shoe designs for Nike for 30 years -- he refers to himself as an innovator rather than a designer or engineer, for the record.

Friton, also one of the founding members of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, explains in a fascinating profile from Cineastas: "You're stretching your imagination when you're able to pull on these things that are usually not directly related to shoes. And that, to me, is when you become an innovator, when you realize there's more out there than this small little niche you're in." Hear more of Friton's thoughts on innovation and don't miss some amazing origami in the video below:

The Innovator from Cineastas on Vimeo.

With innovators like Friton on their team, it's no wonder Nike was named the most innovative company of 2013 .

[h/t Fast Company]

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