The overlooked connection between cable tv reception quality and VoIP quality

File this under "well, duh."Still, I think the following is important for you to know.

File this under "well, duh."

Still, I think the following is important for you to know. Especially those who have not made the association I am about to describe.

For the last week or so, the voice quality on my VoIP services has been kind of crackly. Dropped packet rate was on a trajectory toward the endemic.

At the same time, our cable television reception has been plagued by static.

I immediately assumed a connection. And, according to the cable guy that came by yesterday, yes indeed, there was.

Your incoming (cable drop) has been barely stable enough to hold its own, he said, but your outgoing, you are sending out a bunch of crap.

So he replaced the drop. Ten minutes later, the groundskeepers swung by, but thankfully, let it alone.

After breakfast, I turned on the tv.


Then I went back to my office. Made a VoIP call.


Lesson already known, but imparted to those of you who may not have realized: if your cable tv signal is getting funky, your VoIP may be as well. And, vice-versa.