Pebble Time works, with some limitations, with BlackBerry 10 devices

There is no BlackBerry smartwatch, but thanks to Android app support and a good developer users can choose an experience that provides good functionality with the Pebble Time.


I use a number of mobile devices running every operating system and one device that I keep going back to is the BlackBerry Passport. Unfortunately, using the Passport used to mean I had to set aside my smartwatches. That's no longer the case.

The Pebble Time recently arrived, see my full review, and I just discovered a couple of days ago that I can use it with the BlackBerry Passport. However, there are still some limitations, but the experience may satisfy people enough to justify a Pebble Time..

Using the Pebble Time Android app

My BlackBerry Passport is setup with Snap so I can download apps via the Google Play Store to use on the Passport. It's a very easy process to get Snap up and running and for those looking for access to many more apps I recommend giving it a try.

I installed the Pebble Time app and have the following working well on my Passport:

  • Change the watch face on the Pebble Time
  • Reorder apps on the Pebble Time through the app
  • Use apps that require an internet connection (Yelp, Headline News, Evernote, etc)

Unfortunately, notifications don't work and I can't seem to install any apps from the Pebble Appstore to the Pebble Time. Thus, there is very little 'smart' functionality here with the Pebble Time Android application.

Using Talk2Watch Pro

An article was recently posted on CrackBerry that stated Talk2Watch Pro was updated to support the Pebble Time. I paid the $4.99 and took it for a spin on my BlackBerry Passport.


With Talk2Watch Pro installed, you get the following working on the Pebble Time:

  • Phone call notifications
  • Email and text message notifications with basic emoji reply support for text messaging
  • Twitter and Facebook notifications with RT and favorite actions
  • Access to the Pebble Appstore, but I haven't yet gotten app installs to work
  • Activation of 3rd party watch faces

The major missing element here is that apps that connect to the internet do not appear to support an internet connection through the app.


Talk2Watch Pro gives you the triage capability to see your messages and calls before taking action from your phone, which is my primary reason for using a smartwatch. You can press and hold on the different connection options to manage which account notifications you will see on the Pebble Time as well. For example, I keep my work email on, but turn off my Gmail account due to the excess 'noise' from that account.


The Pebble Time experience on BlackBerry 10 is still limited, but one developer has shown major progress in a short amount of time and there is hope that the experience will get even better over time. For now, the Pebble Time is one of the better smartwatch choices for BlackBerry users.