The Philippines continues to embrace Android

A survey has shown that nine out of 10 smartphones sold in the Philippines run on Android.

For most Filipinos, the Android operating system (OS) is the mobile OS of choice when it comes to smartphones.

In fact, about 91 percent (or nine out of 10) smartphones sold in the Philippines run on Android, according to a survey by research firm GfK.

According to GfK, the Philippines has the highest Android penetration rate in the six countries in the Southeast Asian region, the survey said.

The country's 91 percent rating is ahead of Malaysia, with a close to 83 percent rate, and Singapore, which is third, at 81 percent.

On average, more than 70 percent of smartphones across the region are now powered by Android.

The trend is region wide, with each country continuing to post growth when it comes to Android. This in turn spurred brisk sales of gadgets powered by this OS.

As most users would know, the Android OS was developed by Android, which was later on bought by search giant Google. One of the main selling points of Android is that it is flexible and based on an open-source standard that allows software developers to create applications.

For Filipinos, it seems that the ultra-competitive price points of smartphones that are locally made is the top reason for the uptick trend, and that users seem to have developed an affinity with the Android OS and the thousands of apps that are either for free or for sale at a minimal fee.

Local gadget companies are having a field day selling smartphones that are priced lower than 3,000 pesos (about $67) with the latest Android OS, and all the bells and whistles that one could wish for in a smartphone.

This does not mean that the more established players in the smartphone industry (the likes of Samsung, Apple, Sony, HTC, etc) are suffering when it comes to sales. It seems the Filipino consumer is very well aware that there is a wide variety of gadgets to suit everyone's personal preferences and individuals budgets.

It might be a bit of a stretch, but aside from being the texting capital of the world, it seems the Philippines is on its way of becoming an Android country.

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