The PolarPillow will cool your way to a good night's sleep

Is your hot head keeping you up at night? The PolarPillow may have you solution.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

As anyone who has ever attempted to sleep during the summer* knows, rarely does the season cooperate. Where there is heat, there is discomfort, discomfort that manifests itself in tossed sheets, soaked pajamas, and elevated electricity bills.

But what if the solution to all your nighttime travails could be found in a pillow, in this case, the PolarPillow? Using a clever cooling gel technology, the PolarPillow attempts to live up to its name, taking your summertime heat and, in seconds, generating magical coolness.

Best of all, the PolarPillow does its good work without the need for refrigeration or electricity, batteries or chemicals. The only thing we cannot vouch for is how comfortable the thing is. It would be something of a deal breaker if the PolarPillow was as hard as an iceberg, after all.

The PolarPillow sells for $99 and is available now.

*Everyone, likely.

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