​The Sixth Flag: Web-based VDI to the rescue

While in Raleigh, North Carolina, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Pete Kofod, CEO and co-founder of The Sixth Flag, which offers a revolutionary new VDI solution that's easy on the eyes and on the budget.

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After I posted, "What ever happened to VDI", I had a gaggle of folks contacting me to tell me that VDI is indeed still alive and well in the world. They also contacted me to let me know that not only is it alive, it is in thrive mode with some new technologies. Many of these are just more of the same that I've heard about since first hearing the acronym VDI. Some, however, caught my eye as something to investigate further. That's what I did with The Sixth Flag's web-based desktop solution for VDI.

If you've kept up with what I've written over the past few years on ZDNet, you know that I've never been a fan of VDI for several reasons--not the least of which is cost. Performance is the other major stumbling block for VDI implementations.

I've heard of at least one VDI project in the past few months that was implemented on Monday and scrapped by Friday of the same week. I've also said that traditional VDI is a transitional technology with web-based desktops being on the other end of that transition.

VDI implementations are not easy to setup, to fund, or to support.

The exception to the statement above is The Sixth Flag's web-based desktop. During my interview* with Pete Kofod, I asked him, "If I call you with 500 users to migrate to your solution, how long would it take to deploy?" His answer will astound and excite you. Sorry, no spoilers here.

During the interview, you also get a good demo from Pete, when he's actually using the product in real time. I think you'll find Pete very engaging and informative. If you're interested in VDI implementations, no matter where you are in the process, take 30 minutes and listen in and watch the demo.

Let me know what you think of The Sixth Flag's web-based VDI alternative.

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* The interview was unscripted and generally unprepared by either one of us. We were both in the same place at the same time and I asked him, "Hey, do you want to do an on-camera interview?", to which he responded, "Sure, I'll be there in 30 minutes". My videographer, Joseph Butler, and I quickly secured a room, thanks to the good people at the Comfort Suites RTP, and set up the interview. I think it came out pretty well for an impromptu effort.