The Surface Pro 3 is fueling my move from Evernote to OneNote

Microsoft's new Surface Pen on the Surface Pro 3 offers enhanced OneNote functionality that is showing me how much better OneNote is for my note-taking needs.

The Surface Pro 3 is fueling my move from Evernote to OneNote
Image: Microsoft

I have been a paid subscriber of Evernote for years, yet I don't capture as much as I should and for some reason just can't get that excited about using it. However, my new Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Pen do have me fired up about OneNote and I am in the process of transitioning to using OneNote across all my devices and platforms.

The ability to simply press the top button on the Surface Pen and have OneNote open to take a quick note is extremely useful and this functionality alone is seeing me carrying around my Surface Pro 3 more than I ever carried my original Surface Pro. I setup my Pro 3 to launch the full OneNote 2013 client to use the ribbon and more easily access different notebooks. However, the slick radial dial menu in the OneNote app may have me using that for quick launch usages.

OneNote has a much better organizational format than Evernote and I don't feel as lost in OneNote. OneNote is more of a digital notebook than Evernote and plays to my style of entering notes better. They are both excellent clients, but I have to say I am enjoying the OneNote experience much more today. I am in the process of converting my more important Evernote notes into OneNote using the Print to OneNote method and should be done later this week.

With the Surface Pen and the Surface Pro 3, I am also finding I use this new computer much more in tablet mode than I did with my original Surface. It also helps that the new Pro 3 has a better tablet form factor and doesn't feel as odd as the original Surface Pro while being held in portrait orientation.

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As I start using OneNote as my primary note tool, I found there are also methods to easily capture notes on all the mobile platforms. In Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana works well for capturing notes using your voice. You can also create notes using Siri on iOS after setting up the ability to send notes to OneNote via email. Even better though is the Android integration where you can use Google Now to speak a note that gets added directly into the OneNote app installed on your Android device.

One other aspect of deciding on a note/data capturing service is determining whether or not that service will be around forever. We recently saw Springpad shut down their service and Google tends to shut down services as well. Evernote has been around for a long time and is doing very well, however Microsoft is fully engaged with OneNote and I can rest assured there is no way this service is ever going away. That peace of mind adds to my list of reasons I am making the move from Evernote to OneNote.