The tech year ahead

Find out what virus trends will bring this year, what technologies will be hot, which operating system will make a break for the desktop, and what skills will be in demand, in this ZDNet UK News Focus

The future of viruses
In 2002, users and companies got a respite from the disruptive viruses of 2001. But a more sophisticated generation of worms is on the way In the PC world, smaller is getting better
Size may well prove to be everything in some industries, and PC makers intend to cash in on the trend towards smaller form-factor PCs Engineers predict computing rebound
Swapping slide rules for crystal balls, select members of an engineering standards group say they think the computer industry will rebound faster than other sectors Linux continues to push for the desktop
The open-source operating system is making slow progress onto the desktop, but recent developments could mean it is there to stay Spam-stuffed systems to rule in 2003
If you thought you got a lot of spam in 2002, just wait until you return to work to find your e-mail accounts stuffed with spam. And guess what? It's going to get worse .Net to be key skill in 2003
.Net development has joined the list of core technical skills demanded by employers for 2003. Meanwhile many companies now require developers with client-facing skills Top technologies to watch in 2003
Robots, cars, power and light. Just some of the sectors that'll see action this year