The ultimate retro-arcade: Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame

Looking to have some fun in Las Vegas that doesn't involve losing your entire year's wages? Pick up a few rolls of quarters and hit the ultimate retro pinball and video arcade.

Last week, while I was on vacation in Las Vegas, I found a most interesting place -- a sanctuary for classic 1960/1970's's pinball machines and selected coin-op video games from the early 1980's. If you're a Gen-X'er like myself or a Baby Boomer, the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame will bring back a lot of memories.

10,000 square feet of them, in fact.

All you need is a few rolls of quarters at this place to re-live your youth. That's got to be the biggest bargain in all of Las Vegas.

Video tour of the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame (13 minutes)

Classic coin-op video and pinball machines in action: Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Roboton: 2084, Jurassic Park and Addams Family.

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