The Vaio T is Sony's first ultrabook

Sony may be calling the Vaio T its first ultrabook, but the device is hindered by an aging processor and uninspiring specifications.

With nearly all laptop manufacturers having already released their own ultrabooks, Sony's absence from the fray has been a conspicuous one. The company is finally changing that, however, with the Vaio T, its first ultrabook.

Or at least that's what Sony calls it. There's nothing particularly "ultra" about Sony's latest notebook, which comes equipped with some fairly uninspiring features.

The Vaio T comes in two varieties --  a 11-inch version and a 1.6kg 13-inch model, the latter of which comes with a disappointing display resolution of 1366 x 768. Strangely, Sony isn't specifying the screen resolution on the smaller model.

Graphics come courtesy of Intel's integrated HD 3000 graphics chip alongside 4GB RAM. The device also comes equipped with Intel's Sandy Bridge Intel Core i3 processor, which might be a problem for those hoping for Intel's newer Ivy Bridge chip.

As far as storage goes, Sony is offering a hybrid system of a 320GB HDD alongside a 32GB SSD for speeding up system responsiveness.

There's also the matter of price, the details of which are conspicuously missing from the release announcing the device. Honestly, I wouldn't hold out hope for a deal.

All of the above details come via Sony's European arm, though we can probably expect an equivalent U.S. announcement within the coming weeks.