The world needs a lot more pilots

Demand for pilots continues to grow worldwide, especially in Asia.

While China is struggling with a pilot shortage , it turns out its a worsening trend around the world.

New Boeing projections show that by 2032 there will need to be 498,000 new pilots -- 25,000 annually -- to keep up with commercial airplane deliveries worldwide. But it's not just pilots. There will also need to be 556,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians. These latest projections show an increased demand for pilots and technicians compared to previous forecasts. In fact, the demand has increased from previous projections in every region except Europe.

"The urgent demand for competent aviation personnel is a global issue that is here now and is very real," said Sherry Carbary, vice president of Boeing Flight Services, in a statement. "The key to closing the pilot and technician gap in our industry is enhancing our training with the latest, cutting-edge technologies to attract and retain young people interested in careers in aviation."

Demand is greatest in Asia where the region is expected to need 192,300 new pilots and 215,300 new technicians to meet demand.

Photo: Flickr/atomicjeep

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