These are your new Toybox bloggers

ZDNet's The Toybox blog says goodbye to Rachel King and Andrew Nusca, and welcomes Ricardo Bilton and Gloria Sin. The gadget goodness kicks into high gear.

Out with the old, in with the new.

When former ZDNeter Josh Taylor launched The Toybox blog way back in January 2008, it was an attempt for ZDNet, a decades-old tech brand, to return to its pre-Millennium roots covering consumer electronics.

At the time, it was an occasional blog. When I joined two months later, we kicked it into second gear, turning over multiple posts a day to keep ZDNet readers -- who tend to be business enterprise-minded folks -- abreast of gadgets and gizmos without succumbing to the then-juvenile tone of Gizmodo and Engadget.

In October 2009, Rachel "The Machine" King arrived on the scene -- and soon left me in her silicon dust. (It's no surprise that third gear is the one with which you can beat the speed limit.)

It's time to shift into fourth gear.

Your new drivers: Ricardo Bilton and Gloria Sin.

Ricardo comes to us from the International Business Times and the New York Observer; Gloria arrives from Fast Company magazine and Both are based in New York.

These two reporters have an insatiable hunger for all things gadgets, and promise to bring you -- in a volley of posts that will dazzle and delight -- everything you need to know about the shiny baubles that make your world a more interesting, productive place.

(And, if you've noticed, have already been doing so for the greater part of this week.)

As for Rachel and I, well, we're moving on...over to the Between the Lines blog, where we'll be focusing on news about technology companies (as opposed to the products they make). You can also catch me over at SmartPlanet, ZDNet's energy-tech-science-health minded sibling.

We're quite excited to bring you the next chapter of The Toybox. Please welcome them!