Thief swipes top UK prosecutor's laptop

But CPS claims it contained no confidential data…

But CPS claims it contained no confidential data…

A thief has nabbed a laptop and computers from the home of UK law chief Ken McDonald QC - the director of public prosecutions.

The raid took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning this week, while McDonald and his children were asleep upstairs in their North London house.

The thief took a laptop belonging to McDonald and two computers belonging to his wife, who is a TV producer.

McDonald is the chief public prosecutor in the UK, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was quick to dismiss fears that official, confidential or sensitive data could have been compromised as a result of the laptop theft.

A CPS spokeswoman told that the laptop in question was McDonald's personal machine and only contained drafts of his speeches.

"It contained no confidential case material," she said.