ThinkPad Tablet on sale, shipping in days

The ThinkPad Tablet aimed at enterprise workers is now available for order from Lenovo with shipping expected in a few days.

One of the most interesting tablets in the Android world is the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet that is aimed at the enterprise worker. The ThinkPad slate has software optimized for workers and optional pen support for taking handwritten notes. There are three models of the ThinkPad Tablet now available on the Lenovo site, with shipping of August 29 indicated.

The configurations available for order break down as follows:

Wi-Fi only, 16GB - $499

3G/Wi-Fi, 32GB - $569

3G/Wi-Fi, 64GB - $669

Pen - $30

Keyboard folio - $100

These are not cheap but according to Lenovo are loaded with special features to increase productivity for professionals. These include the optional pen that rests in a convenient silo in the tablet frame, and software aimed at converting handwritten notes to digital text.