This Android phone from TAG Heuer combines Alligator skin, titanium

TAG Heuer is venturing into the mobile phone space with the Link, a pricy phone whose internal specifications leave much to be desired.

Android smartphones and TAG Heuer aren't typically things you see associated with each other. That changes with the TAG Heuer Link phone, which takes the glitz and workmanship of TAG Heuer and combines them with the wonders of Android.

Not that that combination comes cheap. The Link may be an Android phone, but it certainly isn't an ordinary one. Steel, 18-karat rose gold, titanium, and alligator skin of all things line its exterior, making the Link a $6,700 status symbol of the highest order.

It's status as a technology product is less impressive. Running Android 2.2 on a 3.5-inch display, the Link comes equipped with a paltry 256 MB of internal storage. So, no, the Link isn't close to being the best phone. But it sure does look nice.

Available in July.