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This extension lets Chromebooks access SMB/CIFS file systems

After creating an extension to mount Dropbox folders in the Chrome OS Files app, the developer has a new one for network file shares.

Got Chromebooks or Chromeboxes in the office? They can work a little better with shared file servers thanks to a free extension created by a third-party developer.

The first release of the SMB/CIFS File System extension adds a way to connect to and mount shared files and folders directly into the Chrome OS Files app. The developer has previously created a similar extension to mount contents of a Dropbox account in the Files app as well.


On its initial release earlier this week, the SMB/CIFS File System extension could only connect to a single shared network resource but gained a recent update to support multiple shares. It does support authentication with LM, LMv2, NTLM, NTLMv2 but for now doesn't allow for Domain authentication.

Even with that and other limitations, the extension shows promise for an improved Chromebook experience in the enterprise. It surely won't meet everyone's needs now, but it's worth watching to see how it matures and develops, giving you more flexibility to use Chrome OS in a Windows environment.

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