This is an iPhone 5s getting shot by a .50 caliber rifle

A gold one, no less. People are strange.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor on
Why? I have no idea. Happy Tuesday. (Photo courtesy RatedRR)

Look, I have no idea what would compel someone to take a brand new electronic device and deliberately damage it. 

I really have no idea what would compel someone to take a fragile object made of silicon, glass and aluminum, sit it up on a ledge and put—with great velocity—a pointed copper-and-lead round through it. (YouTube views, I think.)

But that's what the folks at RatedRR have done in their latest episode. (They seem to have a thing for tech and projectiles.)

Whether you're a fan of Apple's newest device or hate the thing is no matter: there's a reassuring—albeit senseless—feeling watching an object that so demands attention from our lizard brains (notifications! colors! animations! sounds!) get a dose of the cold, hard physical world.

That dose comes courtesy of a Barrett Model 82A1 military rifle, which will run you about $9,000 and move a bullet up to 3,200 ft. per second, or about 975 meters per second.

Say it with me: I love my phone; I hate my phone. Now breathe deep. Ahhhh.

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