This new heath tracker has an 'endless battery' powered by your body

Baracoda's BHeart health tracker, unveiled at CES, can operate in most standard watches, eliminating the need to choose between your smartwatch and a formal timepiece.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor

At CES, the health tech company Baracoda showcased its health tracker, the first to be universally interoperable with already existing wristwear. 

BHeart uses energy-harvesting technology to recharge its battery with motion, body heat, and environmental light. Sensors built into the BHeart supply data to a smartphone app compatible with iOS and Android devices for users to access their health data.

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According to Baracoda, products like BHeart are setting the tone for the next era of health technology, focusing on integrating technology into existing objects and possessions. By doing so, tech like BHeart can make technology more sustainable and inconspicuous.

Baracoda says their technology breaks down the barriers that exist in the current wearable health tracker market. These barriers include frequent charging, illegible health data, and manual software updates. 

"People of all ages and fitness levels need easier ways to track their health, so we must design products that fit into everyone's lifestyles, including people who don't find today's technology accessible or easy to maintain," Baracoda CEO Thomas Serval said in a press release.

BHeart focuses on sustainability, with its "energy-autonomous design" and its manufacturing free of plastics. BHeart is made of sustainable materials, like leather and lightweight alloys.

BHeart is also reusable, as it can be added to the links of any watch a user owns, avoiding the need to choose between your smartwatch or a more formal timepiece for special occasions. 

BHeart is compatible with watches with a lug width of 18 to 22 millimeters; most standard watches have a 20-millimeter lug width. 

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The price point is pretty affordable for a health tracker, as BHeart starts at $100, compared to more expensive competitors, whose smartwatches can run for hundreds of dollars. 

Customers can purchase BHeart starting in April 2023. The BHeart app will be available in the App Store in April and in the Google Play Store in June.

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