This official touchscreen can turn your Raspberry Pi into a tablet

Two years in the making, an official touchscreen for the tiny board has gone on sale.

The new seven-inch touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi. Image: Raspberry Pi Foundation

An official touchscreen monitor for the Raspberry Pi computer-on-a-board has gone on sale.

The seven-inch touchscreen allows Pi owners to turn their board into a touchscreen tablet or a home automation device with touchscreen control. It features an RGB 800×480 display, supports ten-finger touch, and allows an onscreen keyboard to be added into the Raspbian OS, which will allow it to be used without a physical keyboard or mouse. It costs £48 ($60).

The displays from UK-based Inelco Hunter are supplied as a kit which requires some self-assembly, but future batches will come ready-assembled.

The screen is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and Raspberry Pi Model B+ and A+. While the display will technically work with the Model A and Model B boards - connecting via the DSI port on the Pi board - the mounting holes on the back of the display will only line up with the newer board design found on the A+, B+, and Pi2.

The screen connects to the Raspberry Pi board using a ribbon cable connected to the DSI port, while the adapter board is used to power the display. The screen is available with frames in a number of colours.

The diminutive Raspberry Pi - a computer on a board the size of a credit card - has been wildly successful. It was created with the aim of encouraging children to experiment with building their own devices and while the makers thought they might sell 1,000 they have now sold well over five million.

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