This PC could stand for 'politically correct'

I'm a firm believer in positive reinforcement. Especially of the underdog.

I'm a firm believer in positive reinforcement. Especially of the underdog. That's why I was thrilled to learn that one of the U.K. green system builders that I've been watching from afar, VeryPC, has been named a finalist in the Greening Data Centres category of the National eWell-Being Awards 2009 over on the other side of the pond in the United Kingdom.

VeryPC, based in Sheffield, England, was founded about five years with a focus on "ethical IT." That is, identifying and integrating technologies that are more eco-efficient than brand-name alternatives, without compromising performance. When I spoke with VeryPC Managing Director Peter Hopton earlier this year about a whole bunch of random topics, he said VeryPC is able to construct and focus on selling more energy-efficient desktops and servers than some top-tier manufacturers by choosing on components that are optimized for low-power consumption. Here's the company's philosophy on what makes a Green PC, and here's an example of some of its configurations. Even if your company might not be able to buy its models here in the United States, it gives you an idea of what's possible.

The company already won an award for its green IT focus last year last year, in 2008, when it was recognized for "Environmental innovation." Its latest nomination is a nod to its Free GreenServer Initiative, an server trade-in program that encourages organizations to increase the rack density of their data centers even while reducin their power and carbon footprint.

The awards are being given out on Wednesday, so send some positive vibes VeryPC's way, if you're inclined to support "ethical IT."