This solid gold iPad costs as much as 300 regular iPads

The latest addition to the golden gadget family is this solid gold iPad from Camaél London. Got some cash to burn?
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

If there is one thing we love on the ToyBox, it's the conspicuous consumption of gold-plated gadgets. The latest product to fuel this unrelenting passion is this solid gold iPad manufactured by Camaél London.

Running at a decidedly unaffordable £89,999 (~$150,000) Camaél's solid gold blows gold-plated offerings like the Nokia Oro and 24-carat gold Kindle out of the water. Users can customize the iPad with a variety of shades of gold and assorted gems, the later of which certainly won't make the tablet any lighter.

The best part? Each purchase comes with a special presentation box hand delivered by Camaél's very own courier service. Hows that for service?

Now the real question is, why not the iPad 2?

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