Three paths: Which one to take?

A ZDNetAsia reader is not sure whether to choose the SAP ABAP, Oracle DBA or CNNA career route.

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Q. I'm really confused as to which IT career I should pick. I'm choosing between SAP ABAP, Oracle DBA and CCNA (Cisco Networking Academy). I'm a computer science graduate.

I know and everybody says that it depends on what I love to do. Modesty aside, I think I can be in networking and programming. Among the three, maybe I'll consider based on which is best in terms of salary and career-wise.

Your advice and opinion is very much appreciated.

Career advice from Stella Thevarakam, regional HR director of management and technology consulting firm ISS Consulting (M):

Sounds like you are a techy type of person. As such, I would recommend you to pursue SAP ABAP training and then move on that career path.

SAP "ABAPers" are very much in demand and it pays very well (good future).