Three quarters of e-businesses to fail - GartnerGroup

Brick and Click mix till 2006 then it's over for e-business...

Upto 75 percent of e-businesses will fail by 2001 according to industry analyst GartnerGroup Tuesday.

Analysts at the GartnerGroup's symposium in Cannes claim immature technology, an unready market and poor e-business strategies will see Internet-only and traditional companies fall by the wayside as they attempt to become e-businesses.

GartnerGroup vice president of e-business transformation Alexander Drobik predicts there will be a lot of casualties as firms rush to embrace e-commerce. "There is no doubt that the next few years will be tough on businesses making the 'e' transition and we expect to see a high level of disillusionment," he said.

According to Drobik it will be 2004 before true e-businesses begin to emerge and two years later before e-businesses are mainstream. "By 2006, many businesses will have made the transition, most likely to a "brick and click" mix, and e-business itself will cease to exist. At this point e-business will be completely embedded into an organisation's business process," he said.