Thrills and spills at 3GSM

This year's 3GSM World Congress has seen new smartphones, mobile video services and a clutch of deals between industry heavyweights. A ZDNet UK News Focus

Orange planning SPV successor
The network operator is to launch the 'SPVx', aimed at consumers and gamers, next month 3G gets closer to EDGE
Although 3G networks are beginning to spring up in Europe, reports indicate that some networks will take an intermediary step Motorola predicts cheaper handsets
Motorola has said that it sees a 'new level of low-end phones' helping to bring down the average price of mobiles Blogging comes to mobile phones
A start-up is promising to let users create their own Web logs via SMS and picture messaging, and has said the first services will arrive soon Mobile industry struggles with wireless Web
Services are still delayed, and 3G still seems distant, but there are signs that the European mobile phone industry is breaking out of its technological deadlock IBM, Nokia team on corporate wireless
The tech infrastructure increasingly has to be mobile, and the IBM-Nokia combination aims to take enterprise e-business on the road 3G fades from conference radar
Picture messaging, mobile video, Wi-Fi and smartphones are demanding attention at this year's 3GSM World Congress - but all at the expense of 3G 'Bruising fight' for smartphone allies
The smartphone market continues to take shape as Microsoft signs up T-Mobile in Germany while Symbian and Samsung join forces Real, Ericsson team on mobile media
RealNetworks' streaming media platform is to make its way onto Ericsson's mobile devices, expanding Real's presence away from the desktop T-Mobile set to launch Microsoft smartphone
The software giant has won another major European customer for its campaign to enter the mobile phone business
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