ThunderMag fixes the new MacBook's biggest design problem

If you recently upgraded to a new MacBook or MacBook Pro, you might have noticed that it's now a lot easier to yank your precious laptop off a table or smash the charging port because Apple no longer uses a MagSafe connector on the power port. ThunderMag plans to change that.

ThunderMag breakaway USB-C adapter

ThunderMag breakaway USB-C adapter

One feature that set the old MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops head and shoulders above the competition was the awesome MagSafe connector that fixes the problem that had plagued laptops for years. When you accidentally pulled on the charging cord of any other laptop, chances were that you'd either yank the notebook to the ground, break the power cord or charge port, or both. With MagSafe, this was never a problem because the connection between the laptop and power connector would just gently break away in a drama-free way.

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But when Apple transitioned away from its own proprietary power connector to USB-C, this super useful feature was lost, and this has been a big reason why I've not upgraded my aging MacBook Pro to a newer model.

ThunderMag is setting out to change that.

ThunderMag, developed by innerexile, is a small two-piece adapter that connects to a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port on your Mac. The detachable plug goes into a free USB-C port on the Mac itself, and the other acts a breakaway connector between your cable and your Mac.

Here's what ThunderMag promises:

  • Strong magnetic adsorption
  • Supports 100W fast power charge
  • 4K/5K video & audio transmission 
  • Up to 40G/bps data transfer
  • Reversible 24 pin plug design
  • Dust resistant and yank-safe
  • Short circuit and over-current protection
  • Suitable for USB-C MacBook Pro and other Type C devices

ThunderMag is available for pre-order on Kickstarter (yes, I'm breaking with tradition here to cover something that isn't currently available for purchase, but I know that there have been prototypes making the rounds, and the word is that the project is living up to the hype), with currently a $44 pledge securing you a ThunderMag cable with a slated delivery of April.

Once the early bird pricing ends, ThunderMag will go up to $79.

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