Thursday - Meejah tart

Thursday 17/04/2003"Why aren't you on the telly any more?" asked a fan the other day.

Thursday 17/04/2003
"Why aren't you on the telly any more?" asked a fan the other day. Well, I say a fan -- I mean our MD, who very much enjoys each occurrence of "ZDNet UK" in the mainstream media. The rule is, I haul myself into the TV or radio studios at any time of the day or night (you can end up going in at 11:30 p.m. and back at 5:30 a.m.) to answer three questions lasting forty-five seconds in return for a cup of coffee and a byline mentioning my employment. The BBC knows this, and uses me shamelessly. I love it. Well, I tell my eager audience, there's a war on, and everyone's busy with things other than goings-on in the high-tech playpen. You wait, I continue with more confidence than was warranted, just as soon as the Marines are eating their MREs in Tikrit Central I'll be back on the box as quickly as you can say "AMD's red ink". And so it came to pass: today, there's an interview with Click Online (on News 24 several times over this coming weekend and BBC 1 on Sunday) about cyber-terrorism, another with World Business Report about Apple and Universal, and one on Radio 5 Live and one on World Service, both about AOL and spam. I'm back! But I really should get an agent...