Tierpoint continues growth with Windstream acquisition

The companies will cross-sell each other's services

In what could be described as an expression of the business mantra that companies should focus on their core business principles, data center operator Tierpoint, LLC will be acquiring the data center facilities and services of telecom company Windstream in a $575 million deal that will complete in two to four months.

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The deal will add Windstream's 14 data centers, totaling almost 180,000 sq ft of data center space, to Tierpoint's existing data center infrastructure, giving Tierpoint 28 data centers with a total of over 500,000 sq ft of data center space in 19 markets, reaching from Seattle to Boston, though the facilities are concentrated primarily on the east coast. A portion of of Windstream's space has been leased from wholesale data center providers; leases which Tierpoint will assume, but much of the space is in owned facilities. The acquisition will also get Tierpoint into five new markets in North Carolina, Illinois, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

The acquisition also includes the definition of a strategic partnership between the two companies, with Tierpoint expanding its reach and service offerings and Windstream being able to sell its advanced data center services directly to Tierpoint customers. This deal marks Tierpoint's third data center acquisition in the last year, having acquired a data center in Florida three months ago and the six data centers of Xand in December 2014.