Improved Windows 10 Edge browser deserves a second look

If you shelved Microsoft's browser in the past due to problems, you should give it another try. What the vastly improved Edge does well, it does better than Chrome, and it is a joy to use on touch screen systems.


When I first started using the Edge browser in Windows 10 it was a mixed bag, largely unpleasant. It exhibited good features, such as web page rendering speed, but also had constant issues that ended up frustrating me. Far too often a tab would become unresponsive and have to be killed. Other times the entire browser might not wake up when the system resumed from standby. When it got too much, I banished Edge to the taskbar and started using Chrome full time.

This worked well enough for my work but I wondered in the back of my mind if Microsoft was making Edge better. I read online that Windows 10 is now pushing Edge as the default browser when users set other apps as the default, and it seemed to me that Edge would have to be better than it was back when it gave me so much trouble.

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I got my answer the other day when I pulled out my Surface 3. I fired up the browser and quickly got to work. I wasn't thinking about the browser, just doing my work as usual with multiple tabs open which I moved among frequently. After a half hour it occurred to me that Chrome was running faster than usual, and responding to touch operation much better.

That's when I noticed that I was running Edge! I obviously hit the Edge icon in the taskbar instead of Chrome. This was significant as I had not experienced a single issue in Edge. As I noticed, Edge is very fast and touch operation is so smooth.

I kept using Edge that day and for several days following and while the browser isn't perfect, all of the frustrating issues I experienced are now gone. It even handles some complicated web sites better than before, notably the Evernote web site. I'm writing this in Evernote under Edge.

It's apparent that one or more of the recent cumulative updates to Windows 10 has pushed major improvements to Edge. It is so much better than it was just a few weeks ago, and with Microsoft's push to show that Edge is a good reason to switch from Mac to the Surface Book, it's probably a priority with the folks in Redmond.

If you shelved Edge in the past due to various problems it's a good time to try it again. What it does well it does better than Chrome, and it is a joy to use on systems with touch screens.

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