Tiny mobile charger packs a big punch for road warriors

Business travelers wanting a mobile power solution should take a look at this 3.8-inch battery.


If you travel for business regularly a useful accessory to carry is a mobile battery pack to keep phones and tablets running for hours. That's easy to do with the Cheero Power Plus 3 that packs a whopping 13,400 mAh battery in a gadget only 3.8 x 3.1 inches small.

The Cheero has two USB ports and can charge two devices at the same time. One port provides 2.4 amps for tablets and the other 1 amp for phones. The battery pack is charged via a microUSB port between the two. Charging begins with a press of the large on/off button, giving control of the process to the user.

According to the company the battery will charge some phones five times, and this seems accurate given the large capacity. It should charge an iPhone and iPad mini together at least once or twice.

The Cheero will fit in any bag given the small size. Since it charges devices over USB it will work with most gadgets on any platform. It comes with a cable for devices that charge via microUSB, and for a limited time also a Lightning connector for iOS devices.

There are few battery packs that have this much power in such a small size, so it's a good fit for frequent travelers. That's especially the case with the additional benefit that it can charge two devices at once when a power outlet is not available.

Get the Cheero Power Plus 3 on Amazon for $39.99.

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