Tired of Gmail misfiling real emails in spam? Google says it has a fix

The search function in Gmail will soon scour the Spam folder for missing emails that have either been mistakenly flagged by the user as spam or wrongly caught by Google's spam filter.

Google is rolling out an update to Gmail that will expand searches from the Inbox to include email in the Spam folder.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Google has cut the Gmail spam filter's false-positive rate -- where wanted emails are wrongly marked as spam -- down to 0.05 percent.

That's better than it was but still not perfect, and it can be frustrating when an email that should have been delivered -- such as, say, a job offer -- was missed because it was in the spam folder.

To address this Google is changing the way search works in Gmail to make it easier to search the Spam folder, which has previously been excluded from searches from the main interface.

"Sometimes emails are mistakenly marked as spam or put into Trash, and they can be difficult to discover via search. To help address this issue, Gmail will now search in both the Trash and Spam folders (only Trash was indexed previously)," Google said on its Apps Updates blog.

If a message in the Spam folder matches the search term, Gmail will present a footer at the bottom of search results.

Gmail search will scour the Spam folder. Image: Google

The feature has just been announced and is scheduled to roll out in the coming weeks.

If the search query is too general and doesn't produce any relevant results, Gmail will then present a different footer that guides the user to its advanced search operators, such as "sender: [name]", before: [date], or size: [file size].

Google revealed last week that it's also tapping its machine-intelligence researchers to make it easier to reply to emails in its AI-powered Inbox app by Gmail.

Called SmartReply, it's meant to allow Inbox users to give an appropriate reply with just few taps instead of typing the whole message.

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