Tired of Google Search? Try SearchMe

The experience of using a search engine hasn't changed in about ten years.In the mid 90s, Yahoo!

The experience of using a search engine hasn't changed in about ten years.

In the mid 90s, Yahoo! was the best because they had a simple ontology-based category search. It was all text links and the web fit into that little nook:

Fast forward a few years and Google is number one. It's a bigger web, but connection speeds are still slow. Using Google to search keywords was much faster than Yahoo:

Now the web is ginormous, and we have faster bandwidth. Sites like Viewzi have a chance to make a rich search experience possible.

SearchMe has a much nicer layout and experience. Start typing your search query, and categories appear below:

The results page reminds me of cover flow:

Besides having a photo and video view, SearchMe has something called Stacks. Say you are researching TechCrunch50 and you want to learn more about Mahalo:

You can drag and drop videos, photos, and search results into a little bin at the top and save it for later. You can even embed this into your blog.

TechCrunch50 Day 2

It's gonna be hard to switch from Google, but I will make a point of using it at least once a day.


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