Tired of your iPhone X? Samsung will give $600 for it, if you buy Galaxy Note 9, S9

For a limited time, Samsung is doubling its offers for trading in phones for a Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and the Note 9.

Sell your old iPhone for the most money

Samsung has kicked off a double-value trade-in program for buyers of the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and the Note 9.

The company is willing to pay more than Apple will for a used iPhone X in good condition, so long as the person is buying one of Samsung's newest flagship Galaxy devices.

Apple offers up to $525, while Samsung's temporary program will offer up to $600.

But that offer also underlines that Samsung normally pays significantly less than Apple. After the program ends on November 3, it will only offer $399 for an iPhone X.

The latest offer isn't quite double for the iPhone X due to the $600 cap, but the trade-in value of all other devices that Samsung normally offers up to $300 for is doubled.

It's currently offering $550 for the iPhone 8, or $200 more than what Apple is offering under Apple GiveBack, and $300 for an old iPhone 7, $100 more than Apple's offer.

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Phones need to be in a good and working condition for owners to receive the listed offer when purchasing eligible Galaxy phones.

Besides the iPhone X, the only phones Samsung will pay $600 for include the iPhone 8 Plus, and the Galaxy S9 Plus. Samsung has published a full list of its current offers.

To get the double trade-in value, buyers will need to purchase a Galaxy Note9, S9+ or S9 from a participating carrier or retailer by the November 3 deadline.

After buying a new Galaxy, owners will need to use the Shop Samsung app to send in information about the purchase and the trade-in device by November 17.

Samsung will then check the trade-in device for damage. If it is eligible, it will pay via the buyer's Visa Virtual Account around two to three months later.

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