To A PR...

Dear X -Please please PLEASE do NOT send large attachments in email without checking first.Especially of bloody airports.

Dear X -

Please please PLEASE do NOT send large attachments in email without checking first.

Especially of bloody airports.

Especially three megabytes of jpegs of airports.

I don't know the last time you saw a picture of a bloody airport on ZDNet UK. They're not really our thing. Yes, I write about the technical side of aviation occasionally, when it intersects with IT in some way. But I have never illustrated these with a picture of an airport.

Also, you will notice that the pictures we DO run are small. That's because we're a website, and we know that surprising the punters with massive downloads is a bad thing.

It's not just you.

Earlier this week, I got a load of pictures of sunflowers. 2 megabyte pictures of sunflowers. That PR was trying to pitch a networking company with some sort of green baloney. Guess what I'll say when I next meet that company at a show. It may involve unusual flower arranging techniques. The sort you don't get in St John's during Harvest Festival week.

Really, don't do it. It shut down my mailbox, stopped me being able to send stuff out and threw a spanner into some time-critical workflow procedures. There is an argument that in the year of our lord 2008 bloody Exchange from bloody Microsoft should be able to cope better with such things than by downing tools and sending me snarky messages when all I want to do is send a one-line email, and I wouldn't demur, but we're stuck with bloody Exchange from bloody Microsoft. We're not the only ones. You will have annoyed others.

I'm going to blog this. I won't mention you by name nor your client, you're probably a nice bloke, first offence, all that stuff, but really really REALLY really REALLY do NOT do it. Please.

Next time, I shall release the trained yet notably vicious attack warthogs from their training pit beneath Southwark. Their vengeance will be mighty, and remarkably well publicised.

This madness must cease. Help me in my quest.

Otherwise, warthogs.