To all tech event producers: No more events in NYC please

Remember the slogan and song "I love New York?"  I used to love New York.

Remember the slogan and song "I love New York?"  I used to love New York.  I even grew up there.  First in Queens, and then the "G'Island" (yo, what exit?). But, now, I'm not loving it anymore. I've just received an internal memo from my company's payroll department informing me that New York State is expecting anybody who travels to the state on business to pay income tax based on total number of days they spend there (on business).  Our payroll department must withhold tax from any employee who traveled to New York State and spent 14 or more days there in total. It is also advising all employees who traveled to New York State on business to consult with a tax specialist. Just what I always wanted -- to spend more time with my tax consultant who bills me for his time. 

If my memory serves me correctly, I was in New York for a total of one day this year to attend the final day of Syndicate. Thankfully, the next edition of that event will be held in San Francisco and it takes place at precisely the same time that another event that I normally attend -- Interop -- is taking place in New York City.  Can you guess which one I'll be attending? About the only way I can envision putting an end to this shameful practice is to let event producers like MediaLive International know that, if their events are going to further burden our tax liability and time, that we will not attend them.  Perhaps then, and only then, will those in charge of venue selection threaten to take their business elsewhere which in turn could change the way New York treats its business visitors.


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