Todoist: Getting things done with an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch version of task management app Todoist is well designed and easy to use, helping to keep you focused on getting things done at home or at work.

Popular task management app Todoist gained an Apple Watch app on Thursday. Unlike many of the watch apps I've tested, this one has already earned a place on the home screen of my wrist.

I've been testing a beta version of Todist for Apple Watch over the past week.

I've found the bite-sized software to be well designed -- an outlier from many other watch apps -- fairly responsive, and very useful to manage my various tasks. With a quick tap, I can view my current tasks or easily add a new one by voice. Using a Force Touch when in the main Todist screen starts the task entry process.


Thanks to the April software update for Todoist, the app recognizes spoken dates, so you can simply assign a due date during task entry. Nearly all of tasks I've spoken to Todoist were recognized correctly in my testing. About the only voice related problem I encountered with the app was opening it, and that's more of a problem with Siri.

Saying "Hey Siri, open Todoist" should open the app so that you can view tasks without using your hands. Unfortunately, Siri often hears that command as "Open to do list" and then reports that I have no such app installed. I found that if I pronounce the app name with strong emphasis on the first syllable, it sometimes opens properly. Again, this is Siri's hearing that's the issue.

I like how Todoist on the wrist replicates much of the phone's app functionality. This isn't a watered-down task list.

You can view any and all Projects you've set up in Todoist, modify due dates on tasks, and even use Filters to customize the task view: Show the Priority 1 tasks only, for example. The app supports task reminders based on time, date or location as well. Of course, if you simply need a look at the most current tasks that need doing, there's a companion Glance for Todoist as well.

Overall, I'm impressed.

The Todoist team could have quickly put out a poorly designed, first version Apple Watch app to get in on the app gold rush. It didn't. Instead, Todoist for Apple Watch feels like a second or third generation app, even though this is version one. I was already happy with Todoist on my phones and computers -- the app supports multiple platforms -- and now I can easily manage tasks with a handset in my pocket and a watch on my wrist.

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