TomTom releases MySports GPS Watch support for Android

TomTom regularly updates and improves their GPS Watch fitness devices and this week they released a major update with Android and iOS 8 support.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on
TomTom releases MySports GPS Watch support for Android
Image: TomTom

TomTom released their MySports app to connect your TomTom GPS Watch to your iPhone in February 2014 and this week they brought that same support to Android (Google Play Store link) with additional iPhone support for iOS 8.

I have been running with a TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch for a few months and appreciate the regular updates from TomTom that continue to make the experience better.

As you can see on the software update page, TomTom GPS Watch owners are getting much more than just Android smartphone support. One new function I find particularly useful is the ability to monitor your heart rate after your activity since the faster your heart rate drops, the fitter you are. Previously heart rate monitoring stopped when you finished or paused an activity.

This 1.8.19 update brings improvements to metrics, treadmill running, and swimming.

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