Top 10 blogs of 2007

Take a look at what ZDNet Australia readers have checking out this year, with our list of the most read blogs of 2007.

Take a look at what ZDNet Australia readers have checking out this year, with our list of the most read blogs of 2007.

When is broadband not broadband? When it's Next G In telecoms, Telstra is no 800 pound gorilla. It's an 800 pound colic-ridden infant, irritably throwing its toys out of the pram when it doesn't get its own way.

Kill GPRS to make Virgin Broadband fly After struggling with Virgin Mobile's broadband over 3G for a couple of weeks, I discovered a modem tweak that has completely changed my Internet experience.

Get your hands off my Internet, Virgin! Getting into the finer print of Virgin's broadband-over-3G plans is a little like getting up close and personal with the office hottie and then discovering they have a personal hygiene problem.

Can Norton 360 be trusted? Symantec is about to launch Norton 360 in Australia and although the product seems to have some interesting features, it will take more than marketing hype to persuade me that the company has stopped making bloated and unreliable software.

One asterisk can ruin your whole day When broadband providers offer packages that you think look to good to be true, you're rarely disappointed.

Facebook e-mail notifications breach privacy Shortly after joining the social networking site Facebook, I received an e-mail telling me a friend had "written on my wall". Within two clicks I was logged-in and had full access to her account.

Is cable the answer to Australian broadband woes? Somewhere along the line, it became assumed that xDSL technologies -- which run over the last-mile of wiring so tightly controlled by Telstra -- were the only way forward for Australian broadband.

Just how fast is fast, anyway? There's something immensely gratifying about accomplishing the seemingly impossible -- particularly in IT, where pundits regularly proclaim that a particular technology has hit its physical limits.

Broadband shame: Sneakernet strikes back There are times when the tone of Australia's broadband discussions makes me want to laugh, and others when it just makes me want to cry.

Broadband ... it's time to take the glasses off It must be nice to view the world through rose-coloured glasses as Communications Minister Helen Coonan seems to.